Order Of The Twelve Mushrooms

Every stage of life exists to serve our soul's evolution

The Twelve Mushrooms Oracle Deck

Inspired by a special event

This deck encapsulates the wisdom and harmony of the Memphis Mushroom Synchronicity. 7 cards depict the fundamental stages of human life on Earth, while the reverse sides depict 7 sequential psycho-spiritual states of ascension that lead to enlightenment.

Together the states and stages form a multidimensional geometric framework helping you align with natural cycles and integrate your inner and outer aspects of being.

Honoring the gifts and challenges of life

The twelve mushrooms want to remind us that ALL the stages of life -- Birth, Growth, forming Relationships, Aging/Illness, Loss and Death -- are sacred and powerful parts of our soul's journey. When honored and applied consciously they contribute to our fulfillment, healing and evolution!

As the chapters of our life open and close we go through many mini-births and mini-deaths. The Order of the Twelve Mushrooms deck is your ally in navigating these cycles within cycles.

Included in the deck

Included in the box is the 7-card deck, 3 bonus reference cards, a 40-page pocket guide, holographic sticker and 2 reference sheets with an overview of the deck's story and detailed diagrams. You will also get a unique Membership Packet and card, with plans for fun exclusive activities and resources in the future!

Tap the "Guidebook" button below to view an in-depth e-book guide that connects the deck to sacred geometry and astrology.

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Order Of The Twelve Mushrooms (OOTTM) is based on a special synchronicity that I experienced in Memphis, Tennessee, USA on August 22, 2017 - a day after the Great American Eclipse! I believe the synchronicity was a spiritual revelation illuminating insights about reincarnation, ascension and the human journey. I call the event the Memphis Mushroom Synchronicity (MMS).

Research and analysis of the MMS continues to uncover deeper wisdom, truth and synchronicities, particularly through the language of sacred geometry. Through this website I intend to share the wisdom gained and inspire you to find your own synchronicities everywhere! It is my deepest hope that the Order Of The Twelve Mushrooms oracle deck and story fills you with as much peace, joy and wonder as it has for me.

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